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On 23rd May over thirty members and guests made the journey by coach to Windsor for a special visit entitled ‘Restoring Windsor. The Castle after the Fire.’ Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the completion of the major restoration works five years after the disastrous fire in 1992 that destroyed so much of the State Apartments. After refreshments on arrival, the party was given an hour-long illustrated lecture on the fire,
its source, cause and rapid spread resulting in widespread damage to many of the historic and invaluable rooms in the State Apartments, principally the ceilings as the fire spread through the roof spaces. Almost all the irreplaceable works of art and decorations were rescued before the fire reached them. Then began the monumental task of replacing all that had been destroyed. In some cases faithful reproduction of the
previous was achieved while in others, such as Queen Victoria’s private chapel, now the Lantern hallway, and the splendid Grand Chamber re-roofed in English oak, original designs and materials have been introduced. Many long-neglected skills of artists and crafts-persons had to be found and resuscitated in order to achieve the standards of magnificence required for a royal palace that is a ceremonial home of the
The afternoon was free to visit the resplendent apartments as well as the older Tudor and Stuart wings that had not been affected by the fire. Elsewhere, the grandeur of the ancient castle itself and, above all, St. George’s Chapel, the home of the Order of the Knights of the Garter. This is one of the most complete examples of the late Gothic architectural style to be found in England, embellished over the centuries with monuments and memorials, including the burial places of several kings and queens, in
the style of the age. A day of fascination with and admiration of so much that is the very heart of British history and heritage.

The Club celebrated the 40th Anniversary of its foundation with a formal dinner at The Lord Bute Hotel, Highcliffe on Thursday 27 April. The Chairman Peter Huntley with his wife welcomed the Mayor of Lymington, Barry Dunning, and Mrs. Dunning, who honoured the occasion with their presence. Honorary Members were also guests of the Club. They were joined by over fifty members and their guests who enjoyed a convivial
evening with animated conversation, much of it about Club activities and events over the years. Toasts were drunk and speeches applauded the Club’s history while also acknowledging the part played by all those who have and still contribute to its continuing success.


On 21 March a party from the Club made the journey to Heyshott, in the heart of the South Downs, to visit ’Canine Partners’ at their base in the countryside. The facility is all new, built within the last five years to the highest state-of-the-art design, for its purpose. That purpose is the selection of puppies, training them, matching them with a person afflicted with a physical disability, providing accommodation for them to learn
to live together until they are able to return to the person’s home and take up a fuller life in the community. Entirely voluntary and funded by voluntary contributions, the presentation takes the visitors through the whole procedure, which can last as long as a year, with actual demonstration by dogs, video and talks. It is an impressive operation,
thought-provoking not only in its creation but also moving in the intelligence of the dogs, the help they can provide and the bond established with the person to their benefit, often psychological as well as physical. A memorable experience to be able to see and support all that this charitable scheme is achieving.
The short journey to Chichester allowed the party to have lunch and time to visit the city, glorious in the spring sunshine, before return to Lymington.

By Alan Russett
On 24 January the Club enjoyed its annual Race Night at Milford on Sea Community Centre. This is an established favourite in the Club programme and was the 21st anniversary edition of a popular event. Racing is not shown on filmed record of live action but is with real horses, albeit wooden models, clearing miniature brush fences to the roll of dice and the urging of enthusiastic punters, who have placed their bets with
the Bookies. Bets are small but the winnings are appreciated while the owner of the winning horse is rewarded with a suitable prize. Hardly the frenzy of the Derby at Epsom but friendly, and occasionally noisy, competition! An appropriate anniversary celebration in the 40th year of the Club’s history.

Report on the Shropshire Holiday Tour Reunion,
 27 October 2016

A DVD film by Ray Thompson of the Club’s six-day holiday tour to Ironbridge and Shropshire in May of this year opened an enjoyable reunion at the Lymington Centre of those who had taken part and as well as others who shared the interest. The hour-long show provided much scope for reminiscences over an excellent tea afterwards. The tour had offered variety and visits to please all tastes. Starting at the RAF Museum at Cosford on the outward journey, we continued the next day with Attingham Park and a wine-tasting at Wroxeter Vineyard on an original Roman site. Later days saw us at Ludlow, Stokesay Castle, Shrewsbury and Powis Castle over the border in Wales. Nearer to the hotel in Ironbridge, principal destinations were the Coalport China Museum and Blists Hill Victorian Town leaving time to see the town itself, notably the
bridge built in 1779 that gave its name to the town, and other museums. The first stage of the return journey was a scenic ride on the Severn Valley Railway from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster followed later by a lunch break at Broadway in the Cotswolds. Animated conversation around the tea tables showed that there was as much enjoyment in recalling people, incidents and places in this lesser-known part of England as on the
tour itself.




Report by David Jones


A number of us attended this event and although the group was sadly depleted by some late withdrawals through ill-health we all had a very nice day in Salisbury, much enjoying the company of all present.

Arriving in Salisbury mid-morning we all then had personal time to wander around the City as we wished, shopping and/or visiting places of interest prior to taking lunch before meeting again at Salisbury Playhouse in time for the start of the Matinee Performance, 2-15 pm. All seats had been reserved some time beforehand and allocated accordingly.

“Night Must Fall” is a psychological murder thriller written by master playwright Emlyn Williams. The production was extremely well presented and acted as the star cast included Gwen Taylor (Heartbeat) and Niamh McGrady (Holby City). Different but a variation to the normal
production seen in the past.

Return to Lymington circa 6-30 pm.


MAY 2016
Report by Alan Russett
Photographs by Ray Thompson 
probus_hol_2016_1-aThe Club's Annual Holiday this year was centred on Ironbridge in Shropshire with visits to further places of interest in the vicinity. Ironbridge itself offers a great deal of historical interest with ten museums covering all aspects of its industrial developmen
t from coal mining through iron smelting and work, illustrated by the famous bridge constructed in 1796, to fine Coalport china and ceramic tiles used in,
among other places, the Houses of Parliament. The evolution of the integral transport systems to serve the industry on its steep gorges above the River Severn, from river and canal to railway, is a fascinating study. Blists Hill Victorian village, showing the working methods and commercial activities of its period in contemporary surroundings, merited the full visit it received.
Visits pursuing architectural, art and heritage interests 
included Attingham Park, Stokesay Castle and Powis Castle just over the border in Wales, 
The countryside was looking at its best with the hedgerows laden in profusion with the blossom of may, and  the gardens a spectacular display. Those at Powis Castle are the result of 300 years of   continuous cultivation of the slopes of the castle mount and surrounding area, and are world-famous. As well as the House, Attingham’s extensive parkland offered plenty of scope for the walkers, watching the deer on the way.
In lighter vein was the visit and tasting at Wroxeter vineyard, 
dating back to Roman 
times, and seeing Shrewsbury from the 

Convivial company, entertaining conversation, comfortable accommodation and Travel with a knowledgeable guide made for an enjoyable and rewarding holiday tour.River Severn on a boat trip. Enthusiasts’ interests and nostalgia for all were satisfied by the RAF Museum at Cosford, with its overwhelming display of aircraft, and part of the journey home made on the vintage Severn Valley Railway from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster.

Report by Alan Russett
The Annual Dinner of the Club was held on 21 April at The Lord Bute Hotel in Highcliffe. The numerous company enjoyed an excellent dinner and afterwards drank a particularly significant loyal toast to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday, commemorated that day. Animated and amusing conversation was the key-note of the evening as friends old and new joined in the convivial occasion.

Report by Alan Russett
The March visit was entitled ’Silk to Sapphire – Old Mills and New Uses’.
Whitchurch, Hants., Silk Mill was the destination for the morning tour and light lunch. A working mill, still in its 17th C. building on the River Test, it provides a fascinating   insight into the history, complexities and skills of weaving silk using 19th C. machinery and looms. Commissions are executed for traditional silk cloth and a weaver was also at work on a modern loom producing her own designs.
A few miles along the Test it is very different. Derelict Laverstoke Mill has recently been renovated to house the Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery as the only state-of-the-art Production centre for its world-wide sales network. Designed with its Visitor Experience tour almost as much in mind as the production of gin itself, the circuit gives a comprehensive review of the history of the drink and its process of manufacture. In sculptural contemporary glass houses grow specimens of the Botanicals, the plants from which spices are derived to give the drink its distinctive flavour through a unique  vapour distillation process. Visitors then have the opportunity to select their own preferred flavours, later being served in the bar with the result as a personalized cocktail.
A day of contrasts and something of interest for everyone.


18th FEBRUARY 2016
Report by Alan Russett  
Club visits to Salisbury for a show at the Playhouse are always popular. The trip on Thursday 18 February proved to be no exception. Leisurely late morning shopping and lunch were followed by ‘Deathtrap’, a ‘nail-biting cliffhanger’. Billed as ‘Broadway’s longest-running comedy thriller’, and played several times in the West End, it lived up to its reputation with shocks, suspense and surprises. A worthy successor in a memorable series of Playhouse productions greatly enjoyed.

26th JANUARY 2016
Report by Alan Russett
On Tuesday 26 January the Club held its annual traditional Race Night, this year enjoying, for the first time, the warm hospitality of the Milford-on-Sea Community Centre. The Race Night is traditional in two senses. Firstly it has been run consecutively since 1995, so a 21st anniversary, and secondly it is disputed between wooden model horses on a green matting racetrack. Supper is served half-way through the programme.
Placing of bets on the smartly-named mounts was keen and the racing tense, with the inevitable satisfaction and disappointment at the outcome. In addition to his or her other winnings, the successful owner was rewarded with a handsome prize. Next year’s event is already eagerly awaited at the same venue.



19 NOVEMBER, 2015

Report by Eric Davison


55 members and guests enjoyed the usual pleasant day out in Salisbury including a matinee performance of ‘Round the Horne’ at the Salisbury Playhouse. The play brought back many happy memories of the famous radio show ‘Round the Horne’, broadcast from 1965 to 1968. The play was presented as a radio broadcast with the actors standing in front of microphones. For a couple of delightful hours we were, once again, entertained by Kenneth Horne, Betty Marsden, Hugh Paddick and the unforgettable Kenneth Williams. The coach dropped us in Salisbury in the morning so there was time for shopping, morning coffee and lunch before the show. The Salisbury Playhouse never lets us down and it was another enjoyable day out with friends. 





15 NOVEMBER, 2015

Report by Eric Davison


Members and guests of the various Probus clubs in the New Forest area joined together for the service at St. Michael and All Angels in Lyndhurst



29 OCTOBER, 2015

 Report by Eric Davison


31 members and guests met at the Lymington Community Centre for another excellent video presentation by John Corfe of the club holiday on the Garonne River from 16 to 21 May this year. The presentation was in two parts with an interval for afternoon tea and cakes. It was a great opportunity to bring back wonderful memories of the holiday including sightseeing, excellent food, refreshments, entertainment and dancing on board the Princesse d”Aquitaine.





8 OCTOBER, 2015

Report by Eric Davison


60 members and guests enjoyed an excellent 3-course lunch at the ever-popular Lord Bute Hotel in Highcliffe. The club’s chairman, David Jones, and his wife, Jenny, greeted members and guests on their arrival and everyone enjoyed a glass of bucks fizz before sitting down to the meal. The lunch was enjoyed by all and provided an opportunity, once again, to meet members’ wives, partners and friends.





Report by Eric Davison


WAR_MUSEUMAs this is the centenary of the First World War, a group of 23 Probus members and their guests travelled by coach to spend the day at the Imperial War Museum in London. The museum covers the conflicts involving British and Commonwealth forces from 1914 to the present day. In recent years it has undergone a multi-million pound renovation, in particular, updating and enlarging the huge First World War exhibit and experience. The museum is on several floors and one visit was not adequate to study all the exhibits in detail. However, members of our group were able to concentrate on those exhibits, which were of particular interest to them. Above all, we were reminded of the sacrifice of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations fighting and dying for freedom against the forces of evil. The First World War was the ‘war to end all wars’ but it was very sobering to be reminded that our armed forces continue to be involved in conflicts today and, unfortunately, will be into the foreseeable future. The museum has an excellent restaurant where we enjoyed a meal, refreshments and a welcome rest for our tired legs walking around this vast building. Despite being reminded of the tragedy of war, at least, the weather was sunny and warm which lifted our spirits on the journey home.WAR_MUSEUM_2






9 JULY, 2015

Report by Eric Davison


BLETCHLEY_PARK_122 members of the club and their guests enjoyed a fascinating day visiting, perhaps, the most secret government institution in the Second World War. Bletchley Park is located near Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire and this is where British codebreakers regularly penetrated the secret communications of the German war machine. In January 1945, at the peak of the codebreaking efforts, some 9000 personnel were working at Bletchley. Our group was able to explore and experience the top-secret world of huts and blocks set within this Victorian estate. Hut 4 café provided a welcome break and meal and allowed us to think of what it might have been like to take a short rest from the code breaking. Of course, the menu certainly offered better food with more variety than in the war years. Although it was a long coach journey there and back from Lymington, it proved to be a most memorable day out for all concernedbletchley_park__2










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